Ambiente e Innovazione

Logo Ambiente e InnovazioneAmbiente e Innovazione is an innovative SME formed by a team of researchers, academics and IT professionals with proven experience, and able to offer our partners and customers a qualified technical support in all areas from design, to development, management and maintenance of innovative solutions, spanning from the eGovernment market to the areas of Web 3.0 and Smartcities, through the use of quality management methods, tools and technologies from the world of Open Source (JavaAndroid) and/or proprietary (Microsoft, Oracle, Apple), due to the interdisciplinary nature of their work group. 


The company pursues its business objectives by participating to public tenders and funded Research and Development calls, both at national level (POR, PON, PSR) as well as international (FP7 Horizon2020, Life +, Central Europe, Southern East Europe, EuropeAid, etc), alone or in partnership with other national and/or international companies, universities and research centers. 

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