Partenariati tecnici

In today's market, more and more driven by technology, it is essential to keep up with the latest innovations and solutions and get the most from our own investments. In order to carry out our activities in the best and the most professional way, Ambiente e Innovazione has established some business and technical partnerships with prestigious universities, public and private ones, both Italian and foreign.

These partnerships will allow Ambiente e Innovazione to enable business internships with new potential collaborators and IT professionals and to collaborate on business initiatives and joint projects funded by regional, national and international programs and calls. Ambiente e Innovazione has established some specific collaborations dedicated to the Research and Development area, among which:

  • CNR – Research Area of Montelibretti (IC, ITIA);


CNR – Area Ricerche Montelibretti (IC, ITIA)

Accordi di Collaborazione

Ambiente e Innovazione has signed some cooperation agreements with the following Administrations and Associations:

  • Concreta-mente.



Certificazioni e abilitazioni

ISO 9001:2008Ambiente e Innovazione is finalizing the path to obtain the new ISO 9001:2008 certification for software development (EA 33), advisory and consultancy (EA 35), training (EA 37). The certification of management systems is the recognition of entrepreneurial skills for a company that has been able to optimize its organization through efficient management, adequate facilities and appropriate expertise. It’s the evidence of a workplace culture, shared by the entire company, driven by the professionalism and intelligent management. It is the confirmation of a reliable structure that guarantees the reproducibility of its performance and therefore the maintenance and improvement of the quality standard.

It 'a guarantee of reliability for customers, suppliers as well as employees and external consultants. Complete the path of professionalization and certification of skills some targeted technological partnerships received by the following world players.

  • Microsoft;
  • Cisco;
  • HP. 


Finally, Ambiente e Innovazione has been certified by CONSIP to operate on the Electronic Market of Public Administration (MEPA), receiving the certification for the category "IT products and computer accessories".

Electronic Market of Public Administration

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