Design and Development

Web 3.0 development

Ambiente e Innovazione Development Area includes all those web development services and web-based products that are designed and developed on the real needs of the customer.

Each project involves different aspects about: Web design and development, systems engineering, graphic design, communication, marketing, and are coordinated directly by the Development Area Manager, which oversees and coordinates all phases of the lifecycle of each product/service.

In particular, the actual offering covers the following areas:

  • Internet/Intranet sites with static and/or dynamic update of contents.
  • Portals and CMS (content management system) compliant with the national and international Laws on accessibility and usability.
  • Multi-channel and multi-lingual solutions for web sites and Portals based over Microsoft or Open Source technologies.
  • Integrated solutions for the mobile market (Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS, etc).
  • Building blocks to interact with social networks, geo-BLOG, Wikis and Social CRM.
  • Custom and interactive services to be integrated on pre-existing websites.
  • Solutions for processing and transmission of information in full accordance with national regulations (SPC – Sistema Pubblico di Connettività) rather than international ones (EU-INSPIRE or EIF - European Interoperability Framework, former IDA-BC).
  • Online interactive catalogues and e-commerce enablers.
  • Solutions for enabling: public or private e-procurement, online auctions, Marketplace, Virtual Company Dossier, Electronic Invoicing, etc.
  • E-learning Platforms based over proprietary (Microsoft SharePoint) or open source (Moodle, Docebo) products.
  • Solutions dedicated to the reporting and web marketing.
  • Workflow and Document Management Systems based over proprietary or open source products and technologies.
  • Integrated security systems (video surveillance on Wi-Fi and/or mobile).
  • Integrated platform for the monitoring and governance of events relating to any application domain, collected by probes, sensors, actuators (both based on Scada proprietary protocols and/or open and smart chipsets built on Arduino and Raspberry PI).
  • Integrated solutions for event and/or territory monitoring that use multi-copter or fixed-wing UAV (aka drones).
  • Systems for food traceability.
  • Solutions for real-time monitoring of single vehicle or fleets by adopting “open” solutions.
  • Web-GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructures tightly integrated with BPM and CEP systems to be used in the following contexts: Civil Protection, patients remote monitoring for social welfare, Security, control and monitoring of the Environment, etc.
  • Solutions dedicated to the inventory, catalog and use of Cultural Heritages, Museums and Archeology.
  • Solutions for the development of territories and tourist routes, also based on semantic web engines.



Mobile development

Ambiente e Innovazione development team is able to design and build application for all mobile platforms (Tablet and Smartphones), for example: Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Android, Apple iOS, Sony, RIM Blackberry OS, Bada.

We are able to operate both on proprietary platforms development (SDK) provided by the various vendors, rather than using Open Source tools and technologies that allow you to manage all devices embedded in the mobile phone or tablet (camera, GPS, videorecorder, memory cards, etc).

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