Standard training

Ambiente e Innovazione organizes training courses in the classroom on any topic from those described above: eGovernment, IT, Environment and Territory, etc but it is also able to address and propose new topics, thanks to the many partnerships with prestigious Italian and foreign universities and public or private research organizations.

Regarding to the technical training, Ambiente e Innovazione, due to technical certifications received from companies of world-wide importance, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, HP, is able to arrange any specialized training and certification path focusing on proprietary products, technologies and methodologies or based on the paradigm of open source.


Training by eLearning

In addition to traditional classroom training Ambiente e Innovazione has designed, developed and uses a modern e-learning platform that takes advantage of several innovative and tightly integrated built-in tools to support and foster any collaboration between the various stakeholders.

Among the integrated tools we can list:

  • virtual classrooms;
  • audio and video streaming to benefit of live or recorded lessons from any place and by using any device;
  • integration with audio and videoconferencing tools;
  • Chat, BLOG, Geo-BLOG, WIKI;
  • tools for electronic payment;
  • shared and private areas;
  • integration with the major Social Network;
  • integration with search engines and semantic web;
  • integration with calendars, agenda and email;
  • etc.  

Training on the job

For some customers Ambiente e Innovazione organizes shared forms of training, usually called "training on the job " or "training by doing".

These training forms, typically can be applied in the work environments with a high level of innovation, where the maintenance of the skills is often very fast and expensive, can be delivered by Ambiente e Innovazione tutors in ad-hoc way or in conjunction with other forms of training (traditional classroom or e-learning).

Training on the job, or training-by-doing is one of the earliest forms of training. It is probably the most popular method of training because it requires only a person who knows how to do the task, and the tools the person uses to do the task. Sometimes it may not be the most effective or the most efficient method, but it is normally the easiest way to arrange and manage a quick technical qualification or certification

Because the training takes place on the job, it can be highly realistic. It is often inexpensive because no special equipment is needed other than what is normally used on the job.


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